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About i-CAT - High Quality Images for Implant Planning, Orthodontics and TMJ Therapy

The Clear Image 3D is an advanced type of digital radiography that provides 3D, digital images of a patient’s mouth, face, and jaw. This unprecedented view includes tooth roots, internal canals, bone structure, airway passages, sinus walls, and TM joints. The scans are similar to in detail to traditional medical CT’s , but they’re taken in a fraction of the time (8.9 seconds!), which drastically reduces radiation exposure for patients.

With Clear Image 3D images, we no longer rely on two-dimensional X-rays for diagnostics and treatment planning. The i-CAT better equips the dentist or specialist to:

  • Discover the cause of previously undiagnosed pain
  • Place implants more precisely
  • Plan root canal treatment
  • Pinpoint TMJ disorders
  • Provide the best orthodontic treatment for the patient’s needs

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When you can see the detailed 3D images of your patient’s teeth and jaw, you can provide more targeted and, therefore, more effective treatment.

From our Plano dental office, we welcome dentists, patients, and specialists in Plano, Addison, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, and Dallas areas. Call today to learn more about surgical planning with the i-CAT. We look forward to helping you gain a more complete view of your patients’ mouth, face, and jaw, so you can deliver more accurate results.